Pain Genie Machine

Pain Genie Machine

Pain Genie; does it work via space technology? Yes, it was developed for Cosmanauts!

  • Scenar gentle electrical impulse machine
  • Increased release of powerful natural pain-relieving compounds known as neuropeptides
  • Stimulates the bodies natural healing ability
  • May support a wide variety of painful areas with a gentle treament

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Pain Genie

When people ask about a Pain genie for sale they are something astounded to know that it was originally developed by a group of clever scientists to help keep Cosmonauts healthy during space missions.

This wonderful machine is available to provide non-invasive and simply to us pain therapy. By stimulating the bodies natural healing ability via gentle electrical impulses, similar to those produced natively by the nervous system, this clever little piece of Scenar technology may help to treat painful areas.

Pain Genie Instructions

There are many different issues that can be addressed by the Scenar Pain Genie and numerous ways of using the device:

  • General Method: Set the Pain Genie Scenar to the appropriate power level by testing in an area away from the painful sensation. Identify the area you wish to treat by gliding the Pain Genie machine over where the pain sensation occurs. When you find asymmetry on the skin, usually manifesting as stickiness, simply rub the device in 4 distinct directions and discover which direction is most sticky. Continue to brush the identified area, in a suitable direction, paying attention to both the level of stickiness and pain. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before any treatment;
  • SinglePoint Method: If you wish to address a pain that can be identified using a finger then the SinglePoint method may be better suited as a treatment. Again, be sure to read the instructions in detail before using the machine;
  • There may be other ways, take a look at the product purchase page for more information.

Pain Genie attachments are also available and may increase the methods and ranges of usage. Make sure you take a look at the instructions of any additional attachment you decide to purchase to ensure you are using the item both safely and to its fullest potential.

If you are asking yourself, does Scenar therapy work? Or, you would like to know the Pain Genie price. Why not take a look at the product within the 3rd party shop to see the further information and maybe check out some Pain Genie reviews.

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