Essential Digestive+ Supplement

Essential Digestive+ Supplement

FrutaFit Inulin Formula

  • Balanced Gut Flora Composition and Colonic Function
  • Healthy Bifidobacterium Growth with Inulin
  • Professional strength enzyme
  • Contains Fruta-Fit Inulin to support gut flora

Part of: Digestion Support

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Essential Digestive+

Relief from food allergies, discomfort and indigestion. Cellulose and Water (Vegetable Capsule)

Essential Digestive Plus contains Fruta-Fit Inulin, which is believed to support the gut flora function. By selectively stimulating the growth of Bifidobacterium this substance aids digestion, improves mineral absorption and helps with the synthesis of vitamins. Also containing Peptidase and Protease, Essential Digestive Plus aids with the fast digestion of gluten. Therefore this supplement is believed to provide relief from food allergies, indigestion and general discomfort.